Check Out Easy! is now available in the Add-on Store for Sheets

After a bit of testing, Check Out Easy is now available on the Add-on Store for Sheets. This Add-on was developed to create a quick and easy way to check out video gear in my classroom.
A few years ago I was using paper (whaat?) for this. Students had to fill out a slip of paper, which took too long and eventually got lost. I had no real way of keeping track of these slips of paper that littered my desk. I thought about creating the old block of wood with a nail through it to put the slips on, but that seemed in effective and only marginally more organized than having them scattered randomly around on my desk.
So my next move was to create a system in Excel (Sheets would do the same thing) using the VLookup formula to bring together student information and item information. This worked great, and took checkout time down to less than 30 seconds for a camera, tripod, and light reflector. Checking gear back in was manual, however. And there was no effective checkout history over time.
Check Out Easy! Solves makes it a bit more efficient by using a sidebar for both check out and check in. It creates a running history, and lets you know if you’re trying to check something out that has not been checked in yet or does not exist in the inventory. Next we plan to make it possible to check out/in multiple items at once.
Check Out Easy! Also includes a setup command that builds the sheets you need to run your checkout system. You just need to add users (download from your SIS) and items to their respective sheets.
Get Check Out Easy! from the Add-ons Store today and give it a run!


  1. John Mann

    Hi Rob,
    I’m finally going to put Check Out Easy into full use but I see an issue with the due back date not being accurate. It seems to put the same date but month before even when you manually change the date during checkout.

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