School Announcements and Check Out Add-ons

Both School Announcements Easy! and Check Out Easy! are now available as Add-ons for Sheets in the G Suite Marketplace. These are directed at the school environment, but can also be used in other contexts.

School Announcements Easy! allows members of an organization to submit bulletin items using a form. The form then feeds the sheet that has SAE installed. From here the user can quickly and easily create daily announcements documents based on date. Birthdays supplied by the user can be included in the bulletin. And a feed of Quotes of the Day are supplied from a form at our end. While its name suggests the school environment, this could be used in any organization that uses regularly published announcements. Consider:

  • Churches, synagogues, mosques, mediation centers…
  • Corporate offices
  • Public or private schools
  • Medium- to large-sized businesses of any kind

Get School Announcements Easy! from the G Suite Marketplace. 

Check Out Easy! can be used in many different contexts where anything you check out to approved users is processed. It was created for checking out video gear to students in a classroom environment, but could be used to check out books, tools, media materials, files, or anything a user might check out to others where record keeping of check outs is essential.

Check Out Easy! keeps a long-term history of all check outs, and marks items as available or checked out. The Add-on uses a sidebar in your Sheets check out file for check-outs, check-ins, and adding of users and items.

Get Check Out Easy! from the Add-ons Store today and give it a run!


  1. John Mann

    I love what you made for Checking in/out equipment. Question? Is there a way to add who checked out the equipment to the students also who checked it in and what time/date it was returned?

    • Thanks for the feedback John.
      As for your idea of adding who checked out the gear, I think that’s a good idea. I have to look into how I can use the add-on to grab the google email of the user, something I want for another add-on I’m working on.
      Hopefully I can find time to update a few things while I’m on break, but I have a bit of curriculum development in front of me.
      Thanks for your comment. I reached out to you on LinkedIn, looks like we are teaching similar stuff.

  2. John Mann

    hi Rob,
    Just following up if there has been any updates?


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