What else is in the works?

With only two Add-ons available, we’re looking for more ways to help people with tasks that involve use of Google Suite programs. In particular we are interested in workout out solutions for the school environment.

Currently we are working on an add-on for sheets that helps students connect with their counselors by using a Sheets Add-on to schedule student appointments. We have input and feedback from counselors at a local high school, suggesting that we are headed the right direction, but who are making other suggestions for subsequent versions. We’re pretty excited about this one.

We are also collaborating in the university environment to create a project management Add-on for sheets. This one goes beyond Gannt charts by creating, connecting, and indexing documents; connecting collaborators and project sponsors; connecting to your calendar and sending reminders.

And back to the secondary school environment, we are developing an add-on to help case managers in special education serve students in special education. In some ways this is similar to the project management Add-on by organizing various parts of the IEP process, maintaining compliance, working with your calendar, and creating/indexing documents in the IEP flow.

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