School Announcements Easy

School Announcements Easy is designed to make time in your day by automating the creation of regular announcements. It works in schools or any organizational setting where regular announcements or bulletins from a multiple contributors are used.

SAE uses a Google form to collect announcements from your contributors. The form is designed to meet the needs of the plugin, which works with the Google Sheet the form sends content to.

SAE uses menu items to access a sidebar from which you can:

  • Create bulletins based on a selected date. Date is selected from a pop-up calendar, and allows the user the following options:
    • Show/Hide Pledge of Allegiance: Schools mostly show the Pledge, but business users may not need it in their bulletin.
    • Quotes of the Day: Selected from a linked database.
    • Birthdays: Adds birthdays to the end of the bulletin from a sheet you provide.

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